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Written by fadlee   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 02:05
This is a book that I have read which I find utterly useful, beneficial and powerful. Although it sounds and looks like a book meant for business people or people who are in sales, its contents are explained in a language that is easily understood, so much so, that even if you're not in business and/or sales you'll definitely appreciate and can reap the benefits from understanding adn applying the skills that business people/sales people have.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 February 2010 09:05
Top 15 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 23:31

Email marketing can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. It is significantly cheaper than other advertising methods and, if done right, helps build loyalty and trust with customers. As a result, you generate more sales and more profits!

The foundation for successful email marketing is a targeted, permission-based email list. Marketers call contact lists their "goldmine" because it can generate much of their sales revenue. If you've built up a list of opt-in subscribers that are qualified and interested in what you have to offer, then you've completed the first step and are on your way. Now it's time to "mine" for gold!

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 December 2009 01:35
Sales - People Don't Like to be Sold PDF Print E-mail
Written by fadlee   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 12:57

"People don't like to be sold but they want to buy"

Funny statement isn't it? But really that's the truth, and in there lies the challenge...and another word for challenge is oppurtunity.

A lot of misconception about business is that you actually have to do sales...well, yes and no.. yes at times you do need to do sales to generate income, but not all the time. Thing is, people (non sales people) don't like to be sold, but they want to buy. That's why there's a sort of 'fear' of people in general towards sales or people who's careers are in sales.

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 March 2010 07:22
Do We Need Autoresponder? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda   
Monday, 28 December 2009 10:21

If you are online marketing guy, this term really familiar for you and in fact you can't do the job without it. For my opinion, autoresponder is a primary tool to do online marketing. What is autoreponder anyway?

Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answer email sent to it.This tool are often used as email marketing tools, to immediate provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time interval.So for the question "Do we need Autoresponder?" the answer is YES.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2009 02:37
Tip on Reduce Electricity Bill PDF Print E-mail
Written by fadhli   
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 02:00

By reducing our electricity bill, we will also be reducing the pollution on the planet. It is such a simple and easy thing to do, that you'll be surprised why you did not do it in the first place, as it is so easy to reduce your electricity bill. Try these activities:

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 March 2010 07:21
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